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Media Extension

Orillusion provides the @orillusion/media-extention extension package to support multimedia, enabling easy loading and display of images, videos and audios, as well as providing corresponding processing capabilities. Please note that it needs to be installed separately, and the usage method after installation is similar to that of ordinary textures, materials and components.


Same as the engine installation, we can import physic plugins through two methods: NPM and CDN linking:

1. Install by NPM

npm install @orillusion/core --save
npm install @orillusion/media-extention --save
import { Engine3D } from "@orillusion/core"
import { VideoMaterial } from "@orillusion/media-extention"

We recommend using the ESModule build version:

<script type="module">
    import { Engine3D } from ""
    import { VideoMaterial } from ""

Or load the UMD version through <script> tag, and get the VideoMaterial module from the global Orillusion variable:

<script src=""></script>
<script src=""></script>
  const {Engine3D, VideoMaterial} = Orillusion

Media Material

Currently, media-extention supports the following types of materials:

ImageMaterialBase material that does not calculate lighting and only renders through Image pixel colors
VideoMaterialBase material that does not calculate lighting and only renders through the color of Video pixels
ChromaKeyMaterialDoes not calculate lighting, only renders the base material through Video pixel colors, and filters the background color

Audio Components

media-extention also supports the following common audio components:

AudioListenerVirtual audio listener, used in conjunction PositionAudio or StaticAudio
StaticAudionon-positional audio,volume level does not vary depending on the position of the monitor
PositionAudioposition based audio,volume varying based on the relative position of the monitor

Released under the MIT License