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Type alias: SSRSetting

Ƭ SSRSetting: Object

Screen Space Reflection Setting

Type declaration

pixelRationumberpixel ratio, Smaller pixel ratios can achieve better performance, but the visual effect will decrease
fadeEdgeRationumberfade out when pixel is closed to edge
rayMarchRationumberfade alpha from ray trace step count
fadeDistanceMinnumberfade alpha by distance from camera to hit point (min)
fadeDistanceMaxnumberfade alpha by distance from camera to hit point (max)
roughnessThresholdnumberthreshold of roughness, determine effect refrection
powDotRNnumberPow parameter of normal and reflection dot product
mixThresholdnumberSSR color mixing parameter: If the position difference between the current frame and the previous frame exceeds the mixThreshold at a certain pixel position, the current frame will be quickly retained to have more.

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