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Type alias: ShadowSetting

Ƭ ShadowSetting: Object

Shadow setting

Type declaration

autoUpdatebooleanupdate shadown automatic
updateFrameRatenumberfrequency for shadows update
type"PCF" | "HARD" | "SOFT"Percentage-Closer Filtering(PCF)is a simple, often seen technique for removing shadow edges. Soft shadow, is a soft and blurred shadow that is farther away from the object when the light is shot down. Hard shadow, is a sharper shadow, at the exchange (connection) with the object or the place where the light hits and close to the object, or the occluded place where the sunlight cannot reach.
pointShadowBiasnumberOffset of point light shadow
shadowBound?numbershadow boundary
shadowSizenumbershadow mapping Size
shadowBiasnumbershadow depth offset bias
shadowSoftnumberShadow softness
pointShadowSizenumberPoint shadow mapping size
csmMarginnumberBlend Shadow(0-1)
csmScatteringExpnumberscattering csm Area Exponent for each level
csmAreaScalenumberscale csm Area of all level

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