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Type alias: GTAOSetting

Ƭ GTAOSetting: Object

Setting of GTAO

Type declaration

maxDistancenumberSet the maximum distance to search around 3D space during ao sampling
maxPixelnumberSet the maximum distance when searching for surrounding pixels during ao sampling
darkFactornumberSet the coefficient of ao value to participate in outputting to the screen, 1: output all, 0: not output
rayMarchSegmentnumberSet the number of steps for AO sampling. A larger value will result in better quality AO effects while consuming more performance
multiBouncebooleanSimulate color rebound or not
usePosFloat32booleantrue: Calculate the position value of GBuffer using f32 to obtain more accurate values (water and other effects may not be supported) false: We will use the position value of GBuffer in f16 for operations, with a wider coverage
blendColorbooleanTrue: will be mixed with the mainColor of GBuffer; False: will only output the colors of ao

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