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Type alias: TAASetting

Ƭ TAASetting: Object

TAA Setting

Type declaration

jitterSeedCountnumberThe number of random seed for dithering camera is 8 by default. Reducing the number can solve some problems with noticeable jitter, but the jagginess will become more pronounced
blendFactornumberMerge the coefficients of the historical frame and the current frame. The smaller the parameter, the smaller the proportion of the current frame
temporalJitterScalenumberThe scaling coefficient of the random offset value of the jitter camera [0,1]: The smaller the coefficient, the weaker the anti aliasing effect, and the weaker the pixel jitter
sharpFactornumberImage sharpening coefficient [0.1-0.9]: The smaller the coefficient, the weaker the sharpening effect, the better the anti aliasing effect. Conversely, the stronger the sharpening, the weaker the anti aliasing effect
sharpPreBlurFactornumberImage sharpening sampling coefficient scaling coefficient: Scales the sampling offset during sharpening.

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